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Provide you the best solution
for AML & CTF compliance needs

We are here to help you implementing Anti Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism
Financing procedure in effective and efficient way

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SIJITU Certifications


SIJITU empowers Financial Service Providers to identify high-risk profiles among both individuals and corporations, aiding in the Customer Due Diligence process.

We are here as a solution to fulfill the Financial Services Authority Regulation (POJK) No. 12 of 2017 and Bank Indonesia Regulation (PBI) No. 19 of 2017 regarding the application of Anti-Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism (APU PPT).

Our commitment extends beyond national borders. We fully support international users, ensuring that our platform adheres to global standards of compliance and security. Whether in Indonesia or across the globe, SIJITU is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for combating financial crimes effectively.

What WE DO

SIJITU offers a robust system, serving as a comprehensive support solution for implementing these programs. We acts as a one-stop platform, assisting financial institutions in adhering to regulatory requirements and effectively combating money laundering and terrorism financing.

Our Solutions

Prevention is better than cure, right? Don’t wait for financial crimes to impact your business.
Stay ahead of the game with our proactive anti-money laundering features

Watchlist Name Screening

Identify the background of your customers
and ensure that your customer does not
project a financial crime risk

Global Batch Scanning

Screening all your customers one by one
can be long and tiring. You can save your
time by using our in-bulk screening feature

Internal Watchlist

Allows you to input your own watchlist and
screened through your dataset to reduce
false positives

Custom Risk Profiling

Make risk management a breeze with our
risk calculator with customized metrics,
empowering you to easily assess risk levels


SIJITU Max allows you to achieve better compliance and risk management. (Name Screening, eKYC, Risk Profiling, all in one step)

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